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We provide the following products and services:


  • Transportation from the place of death
  • Temporary shelter and/or refrigeration of the deceased if desired or needed
  • Professional funeral service for all religions
  • Quality finished caskets & coffins at reasonable prices
  • Flower Arrangements, Marble Plaques & Tombstones, Tents, Catering, Drinks etc
  • Handling & Documentation of Import & Export Cases  forInternational Repatriation , Securing medical certifications and all authorizations ( all of the importance documents)
  • Exhumation & Ashes Reinterment Service
Our Funeral services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
“The hardest time to stand alone...that is when we will stand with you”



Emergency Medical Assistance

Bali Alarm Center Support

Emergency Medical Assistance services were created to provide immediate help, Just give us a call for immediate emergency response.
bali emergency medical evacuation center

+62 361 751981

Emergency Medical Services Number

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